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Total Valorization of Miscanthus

About us

Miscancell specializes in the total valorization of miscanthus, we get the most out of the crop. Our focus is on providing high-quality biobased raw materials such as cellulose and lignin.

We have developed a unique process to produce these valuable substances with as few chemicals as possible (fully regenerated in the process/closed loop), energy consumption and mass loss.

Possibilities of miscanthus

It has now been proven that cellulose and lignin extracted from miscanthus provide a significant sustainability improvement and are very valuable raw materials for the paper industry , and road construction/asphalt. But there is much more that can be done with the raw materials we refine from miscanthus in our process.

We are working with partners in the supply chain to replace various petrochemical products with products based on lignin, hemicellulose, high-quality phenols, and other plant-derived substances (including organic vanillin).

How can we assist you?

Whether it is the application of sustainably-sourced cellulose or lignin in an existing production process or growing miscanthus as a raw material of the future, our specialists provide bespoke solutions.
Please contact us for more information or questions.