Creating the value chains of tomorrow

Biobased cellulose and lignin from locally grown miscanthus

Sustainably produced

Miscancell has the knowledge and ability to extract high-quality cellulose and  lignin from miscanthus through a unique refining process. Cellulose is an essential raw material for an increasing number of applications next to existing markets such as the paper industry.

Wood is currently the largest source of cellulose. By using miscanthus, cellulose can be produced in a significantly more sustainable manner, including shorter transportation lines and more efficient growth of miscanthus compared to traditional raw materials such as wood from trees.

'Creating the value chains of tomorrow

Biobased and fossil-free

The use of miscanthus as a bio-resource is not new, but is often used in low-value applications (such as bedding straw or biofuel) which results in the loss of valuable material. With Miscancell’s unique technology, it is possible to refine and release multiple high-value raw materials from miscanthus. Our biobased raw materials are regenerative and also better recyclable or biodegradable.
This results in high-quality sustainable products with a long lifespan.



  •  Biobased raw materials that can be directly applied in existing production processes
  • Sustainable products with a higher market value
  • Substantiated sustainability claim
  • The opportunity to achieve transition goals ahead of time

Sustainably harvested cellulose and lignin have a bright future.
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  • High yield per hectare
  • Growers become independent of price increases for (artificial) fertilizers and other additives
  • CO₂ uptake by the crop, resulting in carbon credits as additional income for the grower
  • Enhanced biodiversity
  • Suitable for cultivation on marginal lands

    The advantages for growers are significant. Read more about it here.

Customized solutions

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'Creating the value chains of tomorrow.'